Projects Reality TV

1. Trapped 

2. Cleaning Wars

3. Inventors Match

4. Primitive Hunt

5. Survivor Mars

Projects Features

6. Masters of Chess

7. Golden Horizons

8. Powertrain


        Mixes Entertainment specializes in mixing up entertainment genres taking theatrical screenplays or teleplays to movie screens.  Variety script to screen, we're a collaborative network of professionals  inside the motion picture industry. We scout film locations, plan, budget, write and rewrite entertaining screenplays and teleplays. The least difficult part of the film industry is financing good projects. When inside our network, projects perfectly structured can easily find studios for entertainment attorneys closing the deal. Most of our projects are internal;  but occasionally new projects are adopted once agreements have been met. We looking forward to networking with you. 

Creative vision, unlimited designs.



Los Angeles, California USA

We're an international group of business professionals collaborating in entertainment development, of intellectual properties for film projects, inventions, and investments.