MIXES ENTERTAINMENT  believes to craft memorable experiences for all to enjoy we must pride ourselves on collaboration; networking with clients who are the intricate keys to making great innovative films globally entertaining.. 

We professionally write modern entertainment concepts for film production in reality television, teleplays, screenplays, comedy, sitcom episodes, documentaries,  game shows, and multimedia communications. We provide unique concepts  that are both visually dynamic, yet globally entertaining.  When financing is provided we deliver award winning films being no less than what is expected by our clients. We pride ourselves on networking never delivering anything less than perfection. Mixes Entertainment is moving forward on upcoming projects, and futuristic endeavors as a  film production company. Diversity in our network is like the stars of the universe!


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Film casting actors, actresses, and stunt crews
Pre-production screenwriting, teleplays, & more
Production & Post production editing

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We wanted more than just a movie we wanted a film that would inspire millions in unique new ways. Being innovative sometimes does not stop at a single profession often it crosses over into other degrees of excellence in evolving industries. In today's marketplace creative film makers are academic artists possessing many skill extensions unlimited to engineering, medicine, mathematics, technologies, sciences,  architecture;  and the arts.​  Mixes Entertainment  adapts to market changes encouraging all professionals in our network to pursue additional academic fields of education thereby enhancing productivity  in the workplace. 

​Designs in architecture, engineering, and 3-D rendering


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Saturday by appointment only


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Artists, designers, writers, producers, directors, crews, & cinematographers


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