MIXES ENTERTAINMENT has three green friendly philanthropic activities to help alleviate some of the stress felt by global ecosystems. We are improving the health of humanity in union with our environment. We believe that as sanitation is improved and pollution is reduced all humans will benefit in a global community. Below are our three projects:

Our first project goal is the planting of two million diversified species of trees through the "life time green movement initiative." We are trying to purify water globally by every tree we plant. We believe that clean water increases the growth of trees to produce nutritious food that helps feed humanity. Tree planting activities combined with education programs in horticulture, agriculture, and botany unites communities. With billions of people on earth, the planting of trees should be an international effort to raise unique species from seed.

Our second project goal is to create a pyramid artificial reef food chain ecosystem with the Ocean Corporation for marine biology, ecology, and planetary engineering research. As the earth is changing, and biological species have difficulties adapting to strange new chemicals over a short period time, we're documenting our environment. Chemical pollutant shocks to ecosystems are contrary to gradual ecological homeostasis thus harming natural  processes which take place over thousands of years.



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Ripple in time World Union "WU" green movement,  cleaner water, air, oceans, and forests. Billions of people on earth we only set a goal of two million trees to be planted. United we can protect our earth working together.

We are putting into practice planetary engineering of ocean aquatic biomes in marine biology, ecology, and fishery sciences through homeostasis artificial reef pyramids.

Our third project goal is revolving the biodiversity of the earth is very fragile we organize environmental cleanups on land with volunteers, and at sea with divers, to help protect ecosystems. We're recording life specimens impacted by pollution, global warming, and poor sanitation. Humans metabolize pharmaceuticals but they also put these substances into the environment impacting sensitive species having difficulty coping with these engineered compounds. In many natural disasters such as floods, hurricanes, typhoons, tsunamis, storms, mudslides, tornadoes;  and even earthquakes man made compounds are mixed into our environmental ecosystems. Globally we're reducing pollution in each country and teaching communities improvements in sanitation. The entire world population needs healthier sanitation conditions which reduce the spread of diseases thereby enhancing human lives and healing biological species affected by poor sanitation. In our genesis project we are creating pyramid structures for bee hives providing undisturbed habitat beneath vined flowers centrally located inside herbaceous perennial wild flower gardens.  Surrounding the central bee pyramid are assorted blossoming trees.